31 octubre, 2018


At Straume in Fjell we visit the company Eaglesveis AS. CEO and owner Christian Mario Morales greets us. This company was started I November 2007, and the services we offer are reflected by the company name, industrial climbing and welding aswell as inspection at great heights using so called rope acsess.



We are experts whitin the field and can solve both small and big tasks where scaffolding and crane are difficult to use or very expensive. In addition to this we are available at short notice. The clients come from offshore oil related companies and land based industry aswell



Our employees have many years experience and education whitin the different fields we specalice in. With all the required certificates up to date. Many of the employes have offshore course, welding certificates and mechanical background, these have then later gone through extensive training to become qualified rope acsess workers. Our inspectors also have welding background wich gives them an extra advantage and knowcklede in the field of inspection of welds and structures




One of our biggest focuses lies on health, envimorment and safety. We always make sure our employes know that the most important thing is there own health and safety.






Eaglesveis have established corporation with mechanical workshops closeby so that jobs that require advanced equipment and fabrication can be preformed. This means we can preform any kind of manufacturing job at a land based workshop.




or the future Eaglesveis AS will countine the work offshore and onshore. We have proven time and time again that we can do any kind of task big or small within the timeframe set for the job. And at the same time delivering a high quality service and result.