4 noviembre, 2018


Visual testing

Used to inspect surface and quality of welds and get a general impression of work done. Used to inspect equipment and general structure integrity. Often supplemented by other methods.


Penetrant testing  Easy to use and low cost testing that can be used on all non porous materials to detect surface breaking defects. Material surface has to be very clean to preform a accurate testing also temperature plays a role on this testing method. Often used on non magnetic materials such as casting etc.




Checking for surface breaking defects and is the most sensitive method for detecting such defects. Easy of use and low cost make this a popular method and is also very effective. Material surface does not require to be 100% clean and its very easy to see any surface breaking defects.




Eddy current

Very effective method for checking welds for defects. Its quick and does not require paint or coating to be removed. Often supplied with MPI if any indications are found with ET.




Can be used to check internally in welds and plates. Can measure thickness of pipes and materials to check corrosion levels etc.