31 octubre, 2018




Eaglesveis AS has his origins in Norway, there, in the North Sea,  with about 20 years of experience in the European Continent.

As Norway is a country leader in the vanguard of welding technology, we have been able to work as much into the country as abroad.

In Europe and in the oil platforms the security regulations are very strict and we commit every day not just to accomplish the aims imposed by the government, but to look after the security of our employees and coworkers.

The experience of our employees is certified and they also have periodic advanced classes in the different areas, welding in NDT (Welding Inspectors) in Arc, Mig, Tig and Oxygen, including different types of metals as aluminum, steel, black iron among others.

The scaling techniques and the altitude maneuvers, has let us reach a respectable place in the market, being an effective contribution to our clients.

The crane service is sometimes limited, due to exists too many blind places where we cannot reach with these machines, the scaffold implementation may take days or weeks, the bracket implementation takes time and raises the prices, for that reason the scaling technique shorten the time to hours, shorten the loss of time, which makes it the cheapest option.

Eagles Solutions has offering its services mainly to oil platforms at sea, at shipyards and also has cooperated with the government important projects in refiners, cargo ships, metallic structures on shore among others.