assembly of metal structures on oil platforms

Solutions with scaling techniques

our technique consists of adapting to structures, using ropes, with professional climbing techniques and the most demanding safety standards

Contact: Rognevegen 3 5353 Straume, Norway

our service

presence in Norwegian, States United States and Chile
Eaglesveis a Norwegian company projected to the world

Rope access can solve big and small tasks where crane and scaffolding is difficult or cost demanding to use. Our highly competent employers are sought after to preform different tasks in combination with rope access. Eaglesveis offer the following services:



Steel-/plate work

Surface treatment

Cleaning/ high pressure washing





Fall arrest competent

NDT inspection

  • Welding mig Bow, oxygen, underwater

  • Steel pipe work and metal structures

  • Cleaning with hydro-sandblasting, painting, preventive maintenance

  • revicion of structures, pipes, unions X-ray equipment

our participation in The bosphorus challenge

From Westcon

Rognevegen 3 5353 Straume,



We are experts whiting the field and can solve both small and big tasks where scaffolding and crane are difficult to use or very expensive. In addition to this we are available at short notice. The clients come from offshore oil related companies and land based industry as well